Our Accreditations

At Midcore Security, we are proud to hold a range of prestigious accreditations that underscore our commitment to excellence, compliance, and industry best practices in security services. These accreditations reflect our dedication to maintaining the highest standards across all areas of our operations, from personnel training and customer service to health and safety protocols. Here’s an overview of the key accreditations Midcore Security has achieved:

(Safety Schemes in Procurement)

As an SSIP accredited provider, we're recognized for our commitment to achieving health and safety standards that ensure the well-being of our employees, clients, and the public.

(Information Commissioner's Office)

This accreditation affirms our commitment to data protection and privacy, ensuring all client and employee information is handled securely and in compliance with data protection laws.

(The Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme)

Demonstrates our adherence to rigorous health and safety standards, ensuring all our operations meet the highest levels of safety compliance.


Being accredited by Constructionline demonstrates our alignment with construction industry standards, emphasizing our ability to serve construction and development projects with professionally managed security services.

(Security Industry Authority)

Our SIA approval underscores our compliance with the industry's highest standards for security operations, including manned guarding, close protection, and private surveillance.

(National Association of Security Dog Users)

This accreditation highlights our excellence in security dog handling services, ensuring our practices meet the high standards set for training, welfare, and deployment of security dogs.

These accreditations are more than just certificates; they are a testament to our ongoing dedication to security excellence, operational integrity, and the continuous improvement of our services. By choosing Midcore Security, you are partnering with a security service provider that is recognized for its quality, safety, and professionalism across multiple facets of the security industry.